Everything You Didn’t Know About Your BMI Auto Policy

When you sign up for auto coverage, even liability only, with BMI, you are automatically enrolled in 24-Hour Towing & Roadside Assistance. This round-the-clock program provides several day-saving services to policyholders. With service and towing providers across the U.S. and Canada, you’ll be able to travel in peace with the knowledge that help is just a phone call away, wherever the road may take you! Reach Roadside Assistance by calling 866-437-9274.

The Perks

Battery Jump-Start
When you accidentally leave your headlights on all night, a service provider will be there before you know it to give you that extra jolt.

Flat-Tire Assistance
We totally understand not wanting to get your hands dirty on your way to an important meeting or trying to loosen those lug nuts without the proper equipment. Now you’ll be just one call away from a freshly installed spare tire.

Lock-Out Service
We know it’s a great excuse to miss work, but with the speed of our dispatch system, your next “uh-oh” moment won’t cost you a whole day’s wages.

Fuel Delivery
Yes. We will even bring you gas. Gone are the days of walking five miles to the nearest fuel pump and carrying a smelly gas can down a busy highway.*

Emergency Towing
When your car needs a lift, our towing providers will get you to the nearest repair facility or even take you to a location of your choice that is up to 25 miles away.**

Next steps

Need reimbursement for a towing claim? Fill out this form and follow the submission instructions.

The Fine Print

*The cost of fuel is the policyholder’s expense.
**Additional fees may apply if service exceeds 25 miles from nearest provider or if provider is not contacted prior to emergency services being rendered.

Coverage is provided by BMI Company, Inc., Billings, Missouri. BMI is only licensed to sell insurance in Missouri. Terms, conditions and exclusions will apply. These brief descriptions of coverage are for you to see what BMI offers. They are not a statement of contract. Please refer to your policy for a full description of your coverages. Please contact your local BMI agent for more information.

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