It’s all about the journey with these policy add-ons. Enjoy the ride!

You expect your auto insurance to cover collision damage and medical expenses, but what about your pets, airbags, and personal property? Our busy lifestyles make carrying around precious cargo an essential part of our daily routines, and unpredictable weather makes the possibility of loss so high, so why do we let ourselves lack coverage for the things we need? BMI Company, Inc. offers a Loss Settlement OEM Parts, Total Loss Deductible Waiver, and Auto-Plus Endorsement that all work to take the pressure off of you. 


If your vehicle is fewer than six years old and receives physical damage, this endorsement provides new exterior parts produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to replace damaged parts, when available. When you experience accidents in your vehicle, the last thing you need to worry about is having your car repaired halfway. Tack this endorsement onto your auto policy to ensure your vehicle will always be restored to the way it was when you first held those keys.

Tail light of vehicle


This endorsement protects you from paying two lump-sum deductibles in the already-unfortunate event that both your home and vehicle are damaged in a single event. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with the aftermath of a bad storm, so easing the stress you feel during those times is what we are all about!


Pet Injury Coverage
Veterinary fees are the last thing you should worry about when dealing with the physical and emotional trauma of a car accident. We strive to take this extra burden off of your plate when traveling with a pet. If you are involved in an accident that results in the injury of your family’s dog or cat, BMI Company, Inc.’s Auto Plus Endorsement assists in covering the cost of your pet’s veterinary fees. We know that family pets are often irreplaceable, but when a collision results in the death of your dog or cat, we hope to ease the effects of your loss by offering financial assistance for that, as well.

Air Bag Reinstallation
Several car manufacturers have issued safety recalls in the past for faulty airbags, either for airbags that never deploy or airbags that deploy outside of a reasonable collision. Airbag deployment often signifies the totaling of a vehicle, but what if your airbag deploys by mistake? BMI Company, Inc.’s Auto Plus Endorsement will pay for reasonable expenses incurred from reinstalling a factory-installed airbag if it deploys for any reason other than an accident.

Lock Replacement Coverage
Best case scenario—you lost your keys for good this time. Worst case scenario—your keys have been stolen, and now someone other than you has round-the-clock access to your vehicle. Ouch. Re-keying a car is not a cheap fix. From key entry pads to electronic entry devices, the replacement cost can stack up, quickly. We don’t want this to be one more thing you have to worry about, which is why BMI Company, Inc.’s Auto Plus Endorsement will reimburse you up to a defined amount for replacing your locks. 

Locked Vehicle Coverage
Lockouts happen all the time, but more often than not, it’s when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. BMI Company, Inc.’s Auto Plus Endorsement assists with the cost of getting you back inside of your car and back on the road.

Personal Property Coverage
It’s hard to travel without bringing personal belongings along with you. When you’re on the road, and your car is packed full of valuables, this coverage will kick in should your vehicle fall victim to damage. If you want to make sure your personal property is covered when you’re away from home, this endorsement is right for you. 

Theft of Clothes, Luggage, Camping Gear, and Other Sporting Equipment
We don’t expect to be the victims of theft until it happens. While some locations are statistically safer than others, theft can occur anywhere at any time. If your vehicle is stolen, the last thing you should be worrying about is how to replace all of the items you left insideLet us take that burden by helping out with the reimbursement cost of certain items that are stolen along with your vehicle.  

Rental Car Loss of Use
Getting into an accident in your own car can be pricey enough, but crashing a rental car can be detrimental to your finances. The BMI Company, Inc. Auto Plus Endorsement covers additional expenses that are incurred. This endorsement will help pay for indirect loss expenses to the rental company for which you are legally responsible. We will also cover diminution in value that occurs when a totaled vehicle has been repaired, yet still does not contain the same value it did before the accident. 

Non-Owned Trailer Coverage
When the BMI Company, Inc. Auto Plus Endorsement is added to your existing policy, the limit of liability for a non-owned trailer is increased. Never worry about trailer you’re using incurring irreparable damage with this additional coverage!

New Car Replacement Coverage
You applied for a loan, got approved for a large sum of money, and bought yourself a new vehicle. Now, it’s less than a year later, and your car has been totaled. The insurance check for a totaled vehicle is going to be less than what you originally paid, and it will likely also be less than what you still owe the bank. Unless you have the BMI Company, Inc. Auto Plus Endorsement. If your newly purchased vehicle is under the maximum mileage count and declared a total loss, BMI will replace it with a vehicle one model year newer than the one you lost of the same make, model, and covered equipment. 

Special Deductible Provision
BMI Company, Inc. offers special discounts when you couple your home and auto with us, but the perks don’t end there. If your covered home and car are both involved in the same total loss by fire, or incur any damage from the same wind or hail event, we’ll waive the deductible on your auto when covered for physical damage. That means you’ll receive two payments for the price of one deductible. Using one company for all of your insurance needs really pays off.

Auto Plus Endorsement

The fine print

The information on this page is designed to provide a small glimpse into the coverage BMI offers. Please note that amendments and exclusions may apply as well as limitations per policy forms. All policies are subject to our company’s underwriting guidelines. Please contact your local BMI agent to see which of our many programs best meets your insurance needs.