It’s Not Just a Farm. It’s a Livelihood.

Protect your farm with the same company that protects your home and auto.

Identity Recovery

Helps recover costs that might incur when your identity is stolen.

We protect what you grow.

BMI originated over 125 years ago as The Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Billings. To say we’ve had some experience insuring farms speaks for itself. Whether it’s a hobby farm with 50 acres or your family farm operation that has been passed down by generations, BMI can be trusted to protect what’s important to you and preserve your family history.

No two farms are the same. That’s why BMI offers a wide variety of coverage options to best fit each policy’s individual needs.

We offer Scheduled or Blanketed Coverage for:

  • Outbuildings, Barns, Grain Bins, Silos
  • Livestock
  • Machinery – Tractors, Combines, Bush Hogs, Balers, etc.
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Hay/Grain
  • And more!

See below for optional coverage that can be added to your farm policy. This provided information is not a complete list of all coverage available. Please contact your local agent to see how BMI can best protect your farm.

Find an Agent

Find a local agent who can assist you with your farm coverage.

Optional Coverage

We offer additional protection for all your farm needs.

  • Outbuilding Weight of Ice & Snow

    Protect your outbuildings from collapse when winter weather occurs.

  • Farm Income & Extra Expenses

    In the case your farm has had a loss and farm operations are interrupted, this coverage will be there while you are unable to make an earning.

  • Glass Breakage on Machinery

    Protect the cab of your tractor or combine when it’s glass is damaged.

  • Incidental Farming

    Just have a few acres but no farm operation? This addition to your Personal Liability will better protect your land.

The information on this page is designed to provide a small glimpse into the coverage BMI offers. Please note that amendments and exclusions may apply as well as limitations per policy forms. All policies are subject to our company’s underwriting guidelines. Please contact your local BMI agent to see which of our many programs best meets your insurance needs.