BMI Has You and Your Vehicle Protected.

Offering competitive rates and monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment plans.

Small At-Fault Accident Forgiveness

Any at-fault accident you were involved in that paid $2,500 or less will not cause your rates to increase.

Quality Coverage For All Your Automotive Needs

We are all on the go. Going to and from work. Picking up our kids from school or daycare. Followed by sporting events three nights every week. And don’t forget the weekend errands or trips to visit the family. Insurance for your autos is so important because we are always moving. Because of this, the unpredictable suddenly becomes more likely to occur. BMI will be there when that least expected moment becomes reality.

Your BMI Auto policy may provide coverage for:


When any insured becomes legally responsible for an auto accident. Coverage includes:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Physical Damage
  • Medical Payments available


Coverage for your impact with another vehicle or object.


Other-than-Collision (OTC) coverage for weather-related damage, fire, theft to your vehicle or contact with an animal.

Uninsured Motorists

If you get involved in an accident and the other party does not have insurance or involved in a hit-and-run and party cannot be identified, we’ll keep you protected.

Underinsured Motorists

When the amount paid by the other party’s insurance does not cover the full amount you are legally owed, this coverage is available to recover the remaining damages.

See below for optional coverage and discounts that can be added to your auto policy. This provided information is not a complete list of all coverage available. Please contact your local agent to see how BMI can best protect your automobiles and drivers.

Find an Agent

Find a local agent who can assist you with your auto coverage.

Optional Coverage

Need more coverage? These options can be added to your auto policy to further enhance your protection.

  • Customized Equipment

    Custom furnishings or equipment added to your vehicle.

  • Increased Rental Car Limits

    Need more coverage for your rental car than what your full coverage policy already provides? Let’s increase that for you.

  • Trailers

    Insure your camping, horse or 5th wheel non-motorized trailers with us.

  • Excess Electronic Equipment

    Permanently installed equipment added to your vehicle that transmits audio, visual or data signals.

Discounts Available

You may qualify for any or all of these auto policy discounts.

Coverage is provided by BMI Company, Inc., Billings, Missouri. BMI is only licensed to sell insurance in Missouri. Terms, conditions and exclusions will apply. These brief descriptions of coverage are for you to see what BMI offers. They are not a statement of contract. Please refer to your policy for a full description of your coverages. Please contact your local BMI agent for more information.