See if you qualify for a reduced premium by checking out the following BMI discounts.

*Certain restrictions apply.

Home Discounts

We love giving back to our insureds by offering them rewards for purchasing a new home or remaining claims free! Take a look at these discounts and more, below. 

  1. Claims Free: Has your policy been with BMI for a few years and never experienced a claim? We want to reward you for your responsibility. A discount will be added when the insured has been claims-free with BMI for 3 years. Any payment for a claim would require the discount to be removed at renewal.
  2. Protection Devices: When you take extra precautions to promote safety and security in your home, we would like to reward you for it. A discount will be added if a central station fire or burglary alarm system is located at a dwelling, insured with BMI. Proof in the form of a certificate from the company that installed system or a copy of the license must be submitted to BMI in order to qualify for this discount.
  3. Mature Homeowner: A discount will be added to your policy when a named insured is age 62 or older.
  4. New Home Discount: Congratulations on your new home! To add to the celebration, we are offering a discount for a policy with a dwelling that is 0-5 years old. This discount will apply to new business and renewals.
Home Discounts

Auto Discounts

Our current insureds love the discounts we offer for drivers. If you already insure your home with BMI, contact your agent about adding an auto policy to really start seeing some savings!

  1. Claims Free: That’s right. We’re giving our auto policyholders a discount for remaining claims free, as well! Just like our homeowners discount, this discount will apply when policyholders have remained claims free for 3 years. Any payment for a claim would require the discount to be removed at renewal.
  2. Good Student: Unmarried drivers between 16 and 24 years old are eligible when he or she is enrolled full-time in high school or college and maintains a B average or its equivalent.
  3. Multi-Car: If you choose to insure more than one vehicle with BMI, owned either individually or jointly with relatives, you are eligible to receive the multi-car discount.
  4. Driver Training: Drivers under 21 can receive a discount for completing a Driver Training Course. 
Car Discounts

Home & Auto Coupling Discount

If you’ve read to this point on the page, you’re probably picking up your phone to dial a local agent and insure both your home and car with BMI. Well, we have even more good news. When you couple your home and auto with BMI, we’ll throw in a discount for each policy. 

Request your free quote, today, and start saving on your Home and Auto.