The Equipment You Use Every Day is Just as Important as the Farm, Itself

When you choose BMI to cover your farm, we want you and your belongings to be well taken care of. This is exactly why we offer Equipment Breakdown coverage, which will help cover repairs or replacements of malfunctioning equipment. Talk about a weight off of your shoulders! If your equipment is involved in an accident due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, this coverage will pay for the damages resulted from that direct physical loss. This means that you’ll no longer have to worry about the cost of replacing each individual piece of equipment you own, should the unexpected occur.

Equipment Breakdown Coverages

We understand that production slows down when equipment doesn’t work, correctly. Refrigeration is a large part of any farm’s operation, and if your milk tank or chiller system stops working, BMI has that covered, too. In addition to assisting with the broken machines, Equipment Breakdown will help cover the cost of any spoiled product that results from an accident.

Equipment Breakdown will cover an additional cost to repair or replace covered property because of contamination by pollutants. This includes the additional expenses to clean up or dispose of the property.

Computers & Media
Equipment Breakdown will even cover direct physical damage to computers in addition to any media used for farming purposes. If any important data is lost due to the equipment malfunction, this coverage will pay for your reasonable and necessary cost to restore that lost data.

A lot of household and farming equipment exists to make life a little bit easier, but we understand that some is required for your livelihood. That is why our Equipment Breakdown coverage will expedite permanent repairs or replacements to your equipment and even pay the extra cost to make temporary repairs in the meantime. Reducing the time it takes to return your life back to normal is what we are all about.

Sustainability is not only gaining popularity among the eco-conscious individuals of the world, but it is also increasing in necessity for a healthy planet. If your accident involves equipment that was not environmentally friendly, safe to use, and efficiently producing results, your Equipment Breakdown coverage will help replace that equipment with a product that has those more desirable qualities.

Additional Living Costs
We’re prepared for everything, so you don’t have to be. If you incur additional living costs to reach that sense of normalcy in your life after an unexpected accident, Equipment Breakdown will help cover that, too.

Farm Animals
Farm Equipment Breakdown

The Fine Print

Coverage is provided by BMI Company, Inc., Billings, Missouri. BMI is only licensed to sell insurance in Missouri. Terms, conditions and exclusions will apply. These brief descriptions of coverage are for you to see what BMI offers. They are not a statement of contract. Please refer to your policy for a full description of your coverages. Please contact your local BMI agent for more information.

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