3 Common Summertime Liabilities 

July 1, 2019 | by BMI Staff

Backyard Barbecues  

Grills are responsible for most summertime injuries, as there are several risks associated with this seemingly harmless activity. The most common threat here is the risk of burn injuries, especially for young children who venture too closely to an object they may not recognize as dangerous. Grills are capable of igniting very quickly, often causing burn injuries for the people in charge of cooking. Finally, a less obvious risk has landed many people in the hospital—accidentally swallowing a bristle from the grill brush. These metal wires can cause a lot of damage to internal organs when swallowed and often result in emergency surgery. Avoid these risks when planning your next neighborhood cookout.   


Limit the access to your backyard if you are a trampoline owner. This will prevent neighboring children from potentially injuring themselves on your property when you are not actively keeping an eye on the yard. Install a fence with a self-locking gate, and inform your children that their friends are not allowed to bounce without your permission. Additionally, installing a safety net and a spring pad to the perimeter of the trampoline will reduce risk of injury for everyone. (Several insurance companies even require these safety features to insure your home.) 


Similar to trampolines, these childhood oases are attractive to neighboring kids. If your yard doesn’t have a fence, the lure becomes even stronger for wandering children. This makes it all-too-easy for anyone to climb on up when you’re not home. The last thing you want is your child’s dream to become another parent’s nightmare. Installing a fence with a childproof gate is a good first step, but make sure your children are communicating safety to their invited guests as well. Precautions you can take before building include keeping the structure close to the ground and provide an easy-to-navigate way up into the structure. A rope or chain entrance is a choking hazard, and stairs are more common for children to climb than ladders.   

The above liability hazards are very common during the summer months. If you’re a pool owner, be sure to check out our tips for creating a safe environment in your backyard, here