Kite Flying Day

January 31, 2023 | by BMI Staff

Kite flying has a rich history, plenty of cultural roots, and is a great way to connect with nature and have some fun! If you are looking for ways to get off the couch and spend some time outdoors, this February, consider putting Kite Flying Day on your calendar and learn all the reasons this day is worth celebrating below!

History of Kite Flying Day

When you think of kite flying, imagery of childhood days in the park or on the beach with a colorful design attached to some string and a spool may stitch itself together in your mind. The history of kites, however, is incredibly vast. Kite flying dates back thousands of years and is the root of so many modern day technologies. 

In roughly 200 B.C., Chinese merchants used natural materials such as leaves and reeds to construct the first recorded kites in history. They used them to determine whether or not a voyage would be prosperous. This technology was later adopted by traders across Asia and the Middle East, thus beginning the spread of this whimsical and important hobby.

For a complete history of kites across the world and all of the fascinating ways they have spurred inventions and technologies we rely so heavily on today, check out this timeline presented by the American Kitefliers Association. Below is a brief overview of the most noteworthy historical events:

  • In 1749, Alexander Wilson and Thomas Melville made the first recorded weather experiments using kites.
  • In 1752 and 1753, Benjamin Franklin used a kite to conduct electrical experiments.
  • In 1903, Samuel Franklin Cody used his own invention, the Cody Kite, as a sail with which he crossed the English Channel from Calais, France to Dover, England in under four hours.
  • In the 1800s, kite experiments led directly to the development of both airplanes and transatlantic wireless communications that we use today. 

Have Fun, Connect with Nature, and Get Some Easy Exercise

Something about understanding the history of something can bring extra value and enjoyment to a leisure activity. If any of the above kite facts inspired or impressed you, perhaps you wish to celebrate National Kite Day by paying tribute to some of the most influential inventors in history. For even more reasons to test your kite flying skills today, here are all of the ways this fun and historical activity can improve your health and happiness.

Stress Reduction. Kite flying is a relaxing activity that takes place in nature. Simply observing the colors and breathing in the fresh air will release tension and help you connect to the present moment.

Creativity. Kite flying is a great way to test your skills and move with the elements, boosting your creative thinking. You’ll have to pay attention to and navigate gusts of wind while maintaining distance between your kite and objects, like trees and buildings. 

Exercise. While your mind is engaged with the sky, your body will naturally follow suit to support your objective of keeping the kite aloft. This means engaging certain muscles and walking around. The more engaged you are in the kite itself, the less you will likely even notice the work that your body is doing to support you, essentially allowing you to exercise without even realizing it!

Eye Health. Fixing your gaze on a far-away object is not only good for your eyes, but it is also a necessary activity that every-day life rarely grants us. With all of the close-up screen time, your eyes will welcome this new challenge and the rest from screen time.

Happiness. Whether you prefer to spend this activity time alone–perhaps to meditate or hone your skill–or if you prefer to incorporate it into some family time, the joy and contentment that comes with it will likely be remembered and cherished by all involved. How often can you remember flying a kite as a child? Probably once or twice, but those memories remain locked in. You were happy and energetic, your parents were encouraging and playful, and you were experiencing nature completely carefree. Bring that energy into today’s kite flying adventure and you’ll be amazed at how much joy you take from the experience for years to come!