Make Technology Work for Your Home Insurance

December 21, 2022 | by BMI Staff

January 6 is National Technology Day, and we are recognizing this by sharing a few ways technology advancements can protect your home and even reduce your insurance costs. Read below for tips on how you can make technology work for your home insurance.

Central Fire Station Alarm

Any house built to code will include a smoke detector in each room, which is a must for alerting residents of a fire that has caught in a nearby room or during sleeping hours. But what happens if tragedy strikes and you are away from your home? It can take no more than 5 minutes for a house fire to fully engulf a home, and only an hour or two more for a home to completely burn down. Fire is relentless, which makes homeowner diligence all the more vital. 

Enter the central fire station alarm. Taking you a million steps further than  a smoke detector, these devices have a direct line of connection to your local fire station, protecting you when you are away on vacation or even just down the road at the grocery store. 

When choosing a security company for your home, simply inquire about their monitoring offerings and see if they can provide a package that includes a direct line of communication with your local fire department. These systems will dispatch emergency services around the clock if they detect smoke or rapidly increasing temperatures in your home. Never worry about your home when you are away again, and make sure to tell your BMI agent about your newly acquired central fire station alarm for a discount on your BMI Homeowners policy.

Burglary Alarm System

In the same way that a fire can overtake your home and personal belongings in minutes, burglaries are a similarly damaging and invasive threat to homeowners. Having cameras on your property may seem like enough protection, but don’t discount the amount of time you are asleep, away from your mobile device, or experiencing poor reception. Having an alarm system that alerts local authorities of a break in without your intervention is a must for ensuring round the clock protection from home invaders. 

Similar to having a central fire alarm, having a burglar alarm system installed can also shave dollars off of your BMI Homeowners Policy, giving you not only peace of mind, but also some savings on your insurance.

Questions about how to get started?

We know there are more options popping up every day for home safety and security, and the number of options can be overwhelming. This is where the white-glove service of having a local insurance agent really comes in handy! Give your agent a call, and get their recommendations for home security companies. Remove the guesswork and get advice from a professional. Don’t forget to inquire about the BMI policy discounts once you have these handy and life-saving devices installed in your home.