National I Am Day

March 1, 2023 | by BMI Staff

The second Sunday in March marks the day for celebrating the power of affirmations! National I Am Day reminds us all that we are capable of so much more than we may think. Take some time today (and every day!) to lift yourself up, affirm your abilities and desires, and start noticing the differences in your daily life!

How “I am” affirmations work:

Have you ever hyped yourself up for a speech or a project and then proceeded to absolutely nail it? Have you ever spent time in the mirror recognizing all of the things that make you beautiful instead of tearing yourself down? It’s amazing how self-promotion can turn into real-life successes. Words are powerful, and believing in our own words about our own selves is  the key to living a life of purpose. If all we speak over ourselves is negativity, we are likely to produce negative results in life. The same goes for uplifting words. 

The words “I am” are definitive, absolute, and encouraging. Daily positive affirmations followed by “I am” will begin to shift your mindset and open your eyes to all that you are capable of. 

Picture this: you’ve been given a big project at work, and the deadline is quickly approaching. The magnitude of this project has been causing you stress and restlessness both inside and outside of work. Sit for a moment in this feeling–I’m sure many of us have experienced it. 

Now imagine telling yourself, “I am going to finish this project on time, and I am going to produce my absolute best work yet. I am going to be noticed for my efforts. I am going to be rewarded for my hard work and dedication.” Not only are you aligning your goals with your reality by speaking them aloud, but I bet you start feeling a bit jazzed about the opportunities this project will bring. Instead of just another deadline to meet or just another stresser on your home life, now the project has purpose beyond its due date; it has career-altering possibilities that make it exciting and full of potential. 

This is just one example of the countless ways you can begin hyping yourself up and reaping the benefits of believing in yourself. And you aren’t the only one who can benefit from these affirmations, either. Think about your family members and their everyday stressors. Now imagine telling them each day, “You are working so hard, and I see your efforts and am proud of you,” or “You are so capable and talented.” We tend to be our own worst critics, so it can be easy to discredit the kind words we say to ourselves (which is why a daily habit is so important for breaking those negative self-talk cycles!), but the weight those words carry from others is astounding. If you were told every day how amazing you were doing, how strong and capable you were, or just how noticed your hard work is by the people you love, would that not instantly uplift you? Wouldn’t it make you strive for your goals even more? That’s the power of affirmations at work.

How to begin a daily affirmation practice:

  • Set aside time each morning and/or evening, and get in front of a mirror.
  • With the day ahead of you in mind, think of areas you tend to struggle, and focus on those.
  • Now say 3-5 “I am” affirmations to yourself, and believe them as strongly as you can. You may have trouble with this at first, but once you start to recognize the impact, this daily ritual will become more believable and even more impactful. Stick with it!
  • Spread affirmations around like candy to everyone around you. Recognizing the best in others will also help you see the best in yourself, and starting this ritual with those you love will create a ripple effect, encouraging them to pay it forward to their loved ones, and so on!

“I am” affirmation examples: 

  • I AM enough.
  • I AM strong. 
  • I AM beautiful.
  • I AM thankful for everything my body is capable of. 
  • I AM grateful for the life that I have.
  • I AM resilient. 
  • I AM becoming my best self each and every day.