5 Tips For Your 4th of July Celebration 

July 1, 2019 | by BMI Staff

Know the laws 

Fireworks may only be sold and purchased during Missouri’s “fireworks season,” beginning June 20 and ending July 10. The dates and times during which fireworks may be used varies widely by city, and many cities do not allow any fireworks to be set off within their limits. Make sure to search your city’s guidelines before planning this year’s festivities.  

Repel bugs  

The only thing more excited for your outdoor party than you is that family of bugs in your yard. Provide your guests with plenty of bug spray to keep the bites away. Additionally, flies seem to be on the rise each year, and nothing makes a burger or hotdog less appetizing than a swarm of pests trying to snag a bite of food. To repel bugs in a humane way, light some tiki torches with citronella around the perimeter of the party. Getting a small fire going will also repel flies while entertaining your guests.  

Keep cool 

For particularly hot celebrations, grab some water toys from the local dollar store and give your guests a way to cool down and have some fun. Host a water balloon fight or turn on the sprinkler for the kids.

Stay hydrated  

Make sure to provide your guests with plenty of water during the festivities. Check on children to make sure they are staying hydrated.  

Grill in advance 

Depending on the number of guests in attendance, it may be wise to begin the grill out prior to their arrival. July is the peak month for grill fires. Other people can distract the cook or interfere with the cooking process. Outdoor games or roudy guests can pose an added risk that is completely avoidable.  

Keep the kiddos safe 

Make sure an adult is always watching the kids. Accompany them when lighting fireworks, and keep them out of the road. Smoke can affect drivers’ vision, and kids are more likely than normal to run into the road, especially if that is where fireworks are being lit.