Fill a cart. Fill a heart. See how our incredible employees blessed local students, this year.

October 9, 2018 | by BMI Staff

As a local business ourselves, BMI Company, Inc. is dedicated to serving and supporting our local community. This goal is made attainable by our exceedingly generous staff members, who never fail to go above and beyond when it comes to charitable outreaches. Our incredible employees, most of whom have school-aged children of their own, doubled the school supplies in their own shopping carts, this year, in order to ensure that a child they did not know wouldn’t have to go without. BMI employees donated all of the items pictured above to students in the Republic School District whose families are in need. 

Taking the financial burden off of someone who cannot bear it is what an insurance company does best. One uninsured devastation is all it takes to create a long-lasting financial impact. We strive to reach out to our local community in every way possible by offering them the comfort and protection they need.