Have A Safe & Spooky Halloween

October 1, 2019 | by BMI Staff

Halloween is the one night each year when children rule the streets, throwing most all of their ingrained safety knowledge about traffic and motorists out the window. Because children will be wandering through nearly every residential neighborhood by the hundreds, it is imperative that motorists take extra caution. Aside from driving risks, this holiday can pose a number of other dangers for your little ones, so make sure to employ these safety tips when guiding your trick-or-treaters through the magic of the holiday, this Halloween.

Costume Prep

It may be counter-intuitive to imagine a Halloween costume posing any sort of threat for the intended user, but there have been reports of toxicity, flammability, and other dangers within the costume industry.

Test Makeup and Face Paint
Always check that substances you buy for skin application are non-toxic. Before covering your child’s face in unfamiliar costume paint or makeup, even those labeled as non-toxic, test her skin’s reaction with an allergy test. On an area away from the face, apply a small amount and wait a few minutes before application. If the substance causes irritation of any kind, you’ll know it isn’t safe for her more sensitive face. Make sure to remove any paint or makeup before bed to avoid irritation.

Choose Safe and Flame-Resistant Material
When choosing a costume for your child, stick to naturally flame-resistant materials, such as polyester or nylon. One heavy material will also be safer for your child than several thin pieces. Having your child wear an outfit underneath the costume will keep him warm and protect against flammability. If the costume chosen is naturally dark, use reflective tape to make your child visible to drivers after nightfall. Finally, reduce the risk of injury by removing any choking hazards or dangerous props from the costume.


Once your kiddos are dressed to the nines, make sure to keep them safe while on the prowl for candy. 

For Younger Children
Always make sure young children are accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating. Keep children in your line of sight at all times. In all the excitement of the holiday, be sure to remind small children of stranger danger. It may seem silly to your child that she is allowed to knock on a stranger’s front door, but not allowed to enter the house. Make sure to define those lines for your child before embarking on your journey. Once back home, check your child’s candy bag and remove any opened or homemade treats.

For Older Children
If your children are older, they may be ready to venture off with their friends. If this is the case, consider planning out their route with them. Make sure they are always in an area that is familiar to you, in case they need a ride. Agree on a time that your older children should return home and communicate the distraction of electronic devices. When attention is put onto a cell phone, it is taken away from our surroundings. 

While it is important to learn the potential dangers associated with popular holidays, our ultimate hope is that you have a safe and stress-free holiday. Taking these tips into consideration, you will be well on your way. Happy Halloween!