Making the Most of Our Shortest Month!

January 25, 2021 | by BMI Staff

February is weirdly short, often gloomy, still in the throes of winter weather while begging each day to be spring. It can be rainy, dreary, and simply act as a gateway to March. But don’t rush through this little month, hoping for tomorrow. Just because February is the shortest month of the year, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be jam packed full of fun and productive activities! Make the most of your littlest month by checking some of these items off of your 2021 bucket list.

Start A Diary

With how often we hear the words “these unprecedented times,” it is a wonder we are not all keeping a rigorously detailed account of the things that transpired in 2020. Nonfiction writing undoubtedly spiked last year, even if it was largely comprised of unpublished works. If you are late to the game of daily journaling, now is the perfect time to get up close and personal with your own inner thoughts. Write what you remember, or write to forget. Write your emotions or completely without any. Write what you see, hear, feel around you–wherever you are. Get away from the business of survival and chaos long enough to find some peace. An easy way to do this is with a simple pencil.

Plan for Valentine’s Day

This year may look different than the last, like so many holidays we have experienced recently. Even if you do plan on spending this holiday safely at home, make it count! There are plenty of DIY decorations and crafts you can enjoy making with your family. You can find the recipe for a fun, heart-shaped dessert to make, or you can invent one all your own!

Rearrange and Reorganize

It is likely that you know your living space better than ever before, having been more confined to it for the better part of the last year. If you are getting stir crazy in your space or simply desire a change of scenery, consider rearranging some furniture. Look up tips on feng shui, gather inspiration from Pinterest, or finally put that chair in the place that would make you the comfiest (even if it is a little less conventional!). When you are self-isolating, rules of decorating tend to go out the window anyway. Make your space your own, and experience the weightlessness of utter comfort.

Take Inventory of Your Habits

With just one month into the new year, it isn’t too late to take another look at the habits you may want to change for a happier, healthier you. There are, of course, the big ones. Quitting smoking, nixing junk food, or swapping soda for water are the more heavy hitter options. However, there are so many ways one can improve their mental state with just the simplest shifts. Maybe you resolve to start each day with a five-minute meditation. Maybe you opt for a weekly self-care ritual. Perhaps you incorporate some healing yoga poses in your already-established fitness routine. Whatever the shift is that sounds most appealing to you, consider adopting it this month. After all, what easier month is there to begin a goal and actually see it through to the next?