National Nonprofit Day

July 27, 2022 | by BMI Staff

Nonprofits are so important to the communities in which they operate. Common services that nonprofits provide to underserved populations include food, education, medical help, and shelter. They foster economic growth and community engagement. National Nonprofit Day exists to bring awareness to the topic of nonprofit businesses as well as their importance. 

What is a Nonprofit?

Though there are many definitions for nonprofit that are often used interchangeably, it is typically used to describe a public charity in which no profits are incurred by private shareholders or individuals. Working for a nonprofit is often done so voluntarily and without pay. The reward for volunteers comes in the change they work to cultivate in their communities.

What are some examples of nonprofit organizations?

Nonprofit organizations range from schools, churches, and hospitals to labor unions, research institutes, and governmental agencies. Due to this vast range of specialties, it is so easy to find a volunteer opportunity that suits anyone’s abilities and passions.

What can I do to celebrate National Nonprofit Day?

There are several ways you can observe this holiday and give back to your community, even if you are not currently an active participant in a local nonprofit organization. 

Thank Your Local Volunteers

Serving one’s community is often a thankless job. Many people who choose to volunteer their time to local charities do so without recognition. Take some time today to write an email or make a phone call to a charity you are familiar with and simply thank them for all of their hard work to better your community. 

Shout Out Your Local Volunteers

A private note of thanks is special, intimate, and moving, but another great way to inspire both the givers and the receivers of a charity group is to shout them out on socials. Taking your gratitude and recognition to the internet will help give thanks while spreading awareness for the cause.

Get Involved

Nothing says you appreciate a local nonprofit more than giving your time to the cause. Volunteering is such a fulfilling way to give purpose to your day and your life. You’ll be able to see first hand the difference you are personally making to those around you. Volunteering can fit into virtually any schedule, and it can be achieved in many ways. If you are low on funds but have extra time, there are charities that need man hours to be successful. If you have zero free hours in your schedule but can afford to give financially, talk to a charity for which you are passionate about donation needs. If you have neither time nor money, but you could stand to downsize the clutter in your home, consider donating items you no longer have a use for to shelters. If your children have outgrown some of their clothes and toys, connect with a children’s organization to see what their needs are. The opportunities for making a difference are all around us, and the benefits of giving always outweigh the personal cost.

For a list of nonprofit organizations that are based right here in Missouri, check out this link. Happy #NationalNonprofitDay!