Plan for Your Next Vacation

December 28, 2021 | by BMI Staff

Spring break might seem like a distant dream during this cold month, but it’s exactly the right time to start planning your next vacation so that you can score the best deals. Take a look at these tips for planning a cost-reduced and safe vacation in the upcoming months.

Cost-Saving Tips

Shop for airline tickets early in order to secure the best deals. Compare prices using multiple sources, and don’t be afraid to look into connecting flights for additional savings. Use discount websites to save even more on flights. While these websites may charge a small fee for using their services, the returned savings are well worth it. Compare the cost of roundtrip tickets to one-way, even if you don’t plan on using the return trip. Sometimes roundtrip tickets are cheaper (altogether) than one-way. When using discount airlines, most everything is sold a la carte, meaning that traveling light will inevitably be cheaper. The more ways you can stretch an article of clothing, the cheaper your travel will be. Not to mention, nobody loves lugging a heavy suitcase around on vacation if they can help it!

Plan your meals. Food can be an unexpected expense over the course of a vacation. Eating out becomes the norm, and splurging can feel expected because of the nature of the trip. Don’t let meal costs drive up the overall budget for your next trip. Plan your meals in advance, and allocate specific meals to be fancy experiences. The rest of them can be cooked yourself or left over from previous meals. Depending on your accommodations, make a plan for all of your meals, and be sure to stick to whatever budget feels comfortable before taking off. 

Weigh the cost of different transportation methods once you arrive. Can you reach most destinations using public transport? If so, you’ll save quite a bit on the daily rental of a car. If you will not be able to rely on public transportation, make sure to compare rental car services, specifically as their rates compare to different airports you may be flying into. 

Safety Tips

Don’t post your travel dates to social media. It may be tempting to post about your vacation details. Social media is where we share all of the most exciting details of our lives. However, oversharing on social media can make your empty home an easy target, especially if potential predators know exactly when you plan to vacate and return. 

Have a friend look over your home. Even if the world wide web doesn’t know your exact whereabouts during vacation, passers by on your street will take notice of a house that has an empty driveway and all lights out for multiple days in a row. Consider having a trusted friend stop by regularly to perform tasks that make your home look lived in, such as checking the mail and moving your trashcan to the curb. Even having your friend’s car parked outside for a bit of time each day will deter potential thieves from viewing your home as an easy target.