How to Prepare for Spring Weather

March 29, 2021 | by BMI Staff

Bad weather of any kind can be a nightmare for homeowners, and preparing your home and your family for unpredictable storms can save both lives and financial devastation. Take a look at these tips to help you prepare both your living space and your loved ones for the dark side of spring weather. 


The destruction that accompanies a hail storm is something that most Missourians are far too familiar with. From inconvenient to dangerous, we have experienced the full range of hailstorm damage. Hail is a form of precipitation made up of solid ice, ranging in size. It can severely damage property, making it a point of anxiety for home and vehicle owners, alike. Hail is most likely to occur between the months of February and July, though it can make itself known outside of those times. With predictions longer than an hour in advance being nearly impossible when it comes to the scope and precise location of hail storms, you may be wondering how you can possibly protect your property from its wrath.

Routine Property Maintenance

By properly maintaining the landscaping surrounding your homes, paying special attention to trees and shrubbery, you can avoid the damage produced by large branches landing on and damaging the structure of your home during bad storms. Pay close attention to the state of your roof as well. Prior to the ramping up of storm season, take note of any loose or missing shingles, and make sure your roof is in the best possible condition for withstanding harsh spring storms.

Bolt Down Patio Furniture

Every homeowner knows that patio furniture can cost a pretty penny. That alone makes securing it to the deck worthwhile. But doing so will also protect your home and fence from potential damage. Secure anything that can be blown from its spot in your yard during heavy winds, including playground equipment like swing sets and trampolines. 


The best way to protect your family from the threat of tornadoes is to be prepared. Make sure to have fresh batteries and a radio on hand. Come up with an emergency plan, including where to take cover, and share it with your family. Educate any little ones on what a tornado is and how to respond to one regardless of where they are when one strikes. 

A great way to stay prepared is to stay aware. If the weather appears to be turning south, keep an eye on the radars and pay attention to any changes in your area. Some tells of an imminent tornado are dark green skies, low clouds, large hail, and loud roars.

Flash Floods

By the name alone, it’s clear that this type of spring weather can strike out of nowhere. The worst place to be during a flash flood is in a vehicle. If you find yourself driving during immense rain, the phrase “turn around, don’t drown” may come to mind, and for good reason. More than half of all flooding fatalities recorded have been inside motor vehicles. Rather than trying to beat the storm, simply wait it out. And if you find yourself in increasingly deep waters, leave your vehicle immediately and seek high ground on foot.

Get Insured

The safest way to prepare your home or car for any storm related disaster is to update your insurance coverage. We never want you to have to prioritize the life of your home or vehicle over your own. That’s why we take care of the property, and all you need to worry about is keeping yourself and your family safe. Call your BMI agent today to go over your options.