Protect Your Home From Pests Before They Become Permanent Guests

April 29, 2019 | by BMI Staff

Any time an uninvited guest enters your home, the dynamic of your living space quickly shifts from oasis to unpleasant. While uninvited humans can be irritating, uninvited bugs and animals can make your home uninhabitable. The following list of common intruders will provide you with some tips for avoiding an infestation altogether. Taking some preventative measures now will pay off in the long run! 


  1. Ants 
    It doesn’t seem to matter who you are, where you live, or how badly you wish you could just be left alone. Most people have been burdened by an unwelcomed colony of ants making themselves cozy in their homes at some point or another. Once they have invaded, there are few things we wouldn’t try to just get them out. However, if you’re a home remedy type of person, there have been some successes with non-poisonous repellents. Namely, it is the scent of cinnamon that repels these tiny pests. Simply sprinkle cinnamon around the edges of your home or diffuse the scent in the form of essential oils, and watch the invaders disappear.
  2. Roaches
    This pest is not only gross to look at, but it also carries a variety of dangerous diseases. One common way to keep most bugs out of your home is to seal and put away all food. However, food isn’t the only thing these bugs search for. During the dry months of the year, roaches go on the hunt for water. Unfortunately, keeping every surface in our homes dry isn’t always possible. If you have come to this page hoping to avoid using harmful chemicals, some common home remedies for preventing a roach infestation include placing bay leaves around your home and cleaning with lemon. The best remedy, however, is to simply keep up on household chores.
  3. Fruit Flies
    It’s no secret that these pests enter our homes via fruit. Everybody knows the frustration of letting a bunch of bananas go bad, and forgetting to throw them out quickly can lead to an infestation. However, did you know that these bugs are also able to enter your home in the form of eggs on your freshlypurchased produce? The only way to both satisfy your fruit cravings and keep your home safe from an attack is to soak your fruit as soon as you bring it home. A nice fruit bath with a little bit of baking soda will remove any eggs along with pesticides.
  4. Bed Bugs
    If you travel at all or purchase second-hand furniture, you are at high risk for exposing your home to bed bugs. These parasitic creatures make life miserable, as they are very difficult to get rid of. There are, however, a few things you can do to avoid an infestation. The first offensive move is to vacuum every day. This habit will not only fight unwelcome creatures, but it will also make your carpet last longer and relieve symptoms of allergies. Other preventative measures include enclosing your mattress in a protective cover and diligently checking hotel beds and second-hand furniture for the presence of these parasites. 


  1. Mice 
    Keep mice from entering your home by repairing any damages that would give rodents easy access to your home. These creatures have very powerful chompers, allowing them to chew through just about any surface. Even a seemingly innocent crack could draw these animals in. After making the necessary repairs to your home to keep out mice, fill any leftover areas or reinforce the patchwork with steel wool. This is the only surface through which mice are unable to chew. 
  2. Squirrels 
    These animals love throwing parties in the attic. If your home is susceptible to squirrel invasions, the best way to prevent these party animals from re-entering your home is to place cloths soaked in cider vinegar in your attic. The scent will repel them, leaving your home peaceful once more!
  3. Birds 
    There’s nothing quite like the reciprocal terror of having a bird enter your home. It’s hard to tell which party feels more uncomfortable! To keep these animals from flying the wrong way, install vent covers and perch repellents to make your home less appealing to these creatures. Making the outside of your home uninhabitable for birds will reduce the chances of them flying inside. 

If your home is susceptible to any of these pesky threats, make sure to protect your home using the above tips.