Responsible Dog Ownership Month

August 29, 2022 | by BMI Staff

The month of September means a lot of things for a lot of different people. For some, it’s the beginning of the school season. For others, it marks the end of summer. For pet owners, however, this month also highlights the responsibility required when caring for a dog. In the midst of planning for the season change, we invite you to take a look at these tips for responsible dog ownership.

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

The health and wellbeing of your pet is imperative to a long life of creating irreplaceable memories for your family. Don’t skimp on these important lifestyle habits that will increase your dog’s length and quality of life!

Just like you and me, dogs require daily exercise in order to maintain their health. This will help keep the extra weight off and expel some of their otherwise-pent-up energy if they were to simply be kept inside all day. Additionally, imagine for a second that you hated jogging (not far from the truth for most of us, right?). Now imagine that someone told you that was the only form of exercise you could perform. You’d probably be pretty bummed. Now compare that to a daily walk around the block with a dog who would much rather run free and off-leash at a dog park or chase frisbees in the back yard to their little heart’s content? A daily walk is certainly better than no exercise at all, but getting to know your dog’s preferred form of exercise and adding that to your daily routine is best! It can also be an enjoyable experience for you as you allow your dog to sample different types of activities and see what suits them best. 


Regular check-ups at the doctor’s office aren’t just for people, folks. Make sure you schedule them for your dog, as well! There are several health-maintenance factors that go into your dog’s quality of life, such as dental care and daily nutrition. Make sure you are meeting your dog’s basic needs by having them regularly evaluated by a vet. Preventative care can also greatly reduce the overall cost of your dog’s medical care by keeping small problems from developing into large ones without your knowledge.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy


A healthy dog IS a happy dog, after all. But how about a dog who isn’t constantly getting told “no,” when they didn’t know any better? Studies show that children thrive far better in households with structure and clearly defined rules. And that makes sense right? You would probably hate your job if you didn’t have any guidance or structure that could alert you to whether or not you were doing well. Well, this structure is just as important for our four-legged friends. Dogs are man’s best friend, and all they want is to make us happy. Do your dog a favor by giving them the tools they need to keep you smiling at them.


Exposing your dog, especially at a young age, to other dogs and people outside of your family will not only aid in their training by decreasing aggression and territorialism, but it will also make them happy! Regular trips to the dog park or having friends over who can interact with your dog will allow them to live a more fulfilling and well-mannered life.