How to Easily and Cleverly Secure Your Home’s Windows

March 1, 2020 | by BMI Staff

If you live alone or run your household, you are likely aware of the dangers that accompany unsecured windows. Windows that are left unlocked or are easily opened are a huge target for thieves, as they provide a discreet and often far-too-simple way to enter a place they do not belong. Use these tips to ensure your home is safe and secure, day or night. 

Lock Your Windows:

While this is definitely the most obvious tip, I am constantly surprised to find that someone in my household has opened and closed a window without locking it back. It can be an unnecessary fear that can be easily alleviated by both sharing your concerns with all members of the house and by making it a nightly routine to check all of the windows before going to bed. 

Use a Window Bar:

If you have a sliding glass door in your home, make sure to secure it with a bar. Place a bar in the sliding compartment to prevent it from opening past a certain point (or at all). This way, even if the lock is jimmied open by a trespasser, the door will still be jammed shut from the inside.

Install Security Cameras:

Motion-sensored security cameras are becoming increasingly popular. These devices can offer a view of the outside of your home with real-time reporting on your phone. Any time motion occurs in the camera’s line of sight, you will be alerted immediately. While potential thieves are staking out your house, you could already be dialing the police from anywhere in the world. Bonus tip: if you install a central station security system, you’ll qualify for savings on your BMI homeowner’s insurance!

Install Floodlights:

Another helpful motion-sensored technology that can add an extra layer of security to your home are floodlights. These bright lights can be designed to turn on when creatures of any kind come to close. Unless you are home and your window faces the lit-up area, you may not know whether the lights have been triggered, but these helpful lights should ward off predators who aren’t supposed to be lurking in the shadows.

Plant Thorny Bushes:

Did you know that you can use your gardening skills to protect your ground-floor windows? Plant some bushes that will tend to themselves and grow back year-after-year (bonus if they are extra thorny!). Having a large amount of foliage surrounding your home’s potential entrances will make it much more difficult for predators to sneak their way into your home. 

Get a Dog:

Outside of the added protection these animals can provide in the way of barking at absolutely any potential threat outside your windows, dogs can provide such a sense of security and companionship for those who live alone. Consider adopting a furry friend from your local shelter and invest in a security system that will double as a beloved member of your family. 

What tips do you plan to employ, and what tips are we leaving out? Share this to your socials and talk about your home safety plan with friends and family.