Summer Lawn Care Tips

May 24, 2021 | by BMI Staff

The sun is shining, and the grass is growing! Maybe you’re new to lawn tending or are stopping by for a few time-saving tips. Either way, we have all of the summertime lawn care tips you’ll need to have the highest curb appeal on the block.

Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Short grass won’t leave enough shade on the soil underneath, and water evaporation will increase. Keeping the grass length a bit longer during the hot months will lead to deeper roots and prevent weed seeds from germinating. Set your mower’s blade up higher to keep the grass thick enough to protect the soil underneath. Your lawn will be flourishing in no time!

Water Properly

The best irrigation schedule for your particular area can be found by contacting your local water authority. Depending on the weather, they should be able to provide you with the optimal watering schedule for your lawn’s health. Generally, though, a good rule of thumb is to water your lawn deeply but infrequently. 

Treat for Grubs

Beetles aren’t just a nuisance, they are also harmful to lawn health. Starting in early summer, these bugs lay eggs in the grass, which hatch into grubs. Make sure to put down grub control to keep these pests at bay.

Clean Up After Your Pooch

If you have a family dog, you might also have some patches of dead and dying grass due to his bathroom breaks. When you notice these patches, spray the area with water to dilute the urine in the soil. Additionally, make sure to pick up and dispose of your pooch’s waste.

Avoid Parking on The Grass

Grass isn’t just fragile right after planting. Protecting your grass from damage is imperative throughout its lifetime. That is why parking on the grass poses the risk of creating dead patches and ruts in the lawn. Avoid it whenever possible to keep your lawn evenly healthy.

Sharpen Your Mower Blade

In the same way that dull knives are unsafe in the kitchen, dull mower blades are unsafe for your lawn. Rather than making a clean cut, a dull blade will tear through the grass, creating ragged edges, inviting in disease. A sharp blade will last roughly 10 mowing hours, so make sure to sharpen it relatively regularly.

Let Clippings Lie

It’s a hassle to remove grass clippings from a freshly cut lawn, but why do we even bother? Grass clippings provide excellent fertilizer if left alone. And it’ll save you some time on your chores!

Pick Up Litter

Keeping lawns free of summertime clutter will keep your grass healthy. That means picking up toys, water games, lawn chairs, and anything else that is used outside.

If you apply all of these tips to your lawn care routine, this summer, you’ll be well on your way having the most coveted property on the block. And make sure it stays protected with a BMI insurance policy!