Everything you need to make your own Winter Car Survival Kit

December 13, 2018 | by BMI Staff

Missouri may not have the coldest or snowiest winters in the U.S., but with the swift season-changes we experience, the last thing we want is to get stuck or stranded without any tools to keep us safe (and warm!). As you prepare your family for holiday travel or simply the threat of the cold weather, grab the following items and whip together your own Winter Car Survival Kit!

  1. Ice Scraper
    This is an all-around convenience tool, even when you’re not facing an emergency. If you do happen to get stranded for a few hours, there might be fresh ice on your windows when you’re able to drive again. Always keep one of these on hand during the winter months.
  2. Flashlight
    A flashlight with fresh batteries will help when changing a flat tire, checking under the hood, signalling other drivers or tow trucks, or any task that needs doing after the sun sets.
  3. Car Phone Charger
    A dead cell phone can be anxiety-inducing when we’re safe in our homes, so imagine how devastating it would be to lose a charge when that one piece of technology is your only connection to safety.
  4. Portable Air Compressor & Fix-A-Flat
    Cold weather causes tire pressure to decrease, and if a tire does go flat, your spare could need a little air to become useful.
  5. Kitty Litter
    Litter is absorbent, making it the perfect fix for tires that are stuck in the snow. Litter will also provide traction that snow and mud cannot. If you have a cat, you know the good stuff is a bit pricey, so feel free to grab the cheap litter for your survival kit!
  6. Basic Toolkit
    Include a screwdriver, pliers, wrench, duct tape, and jumper cables in your kit to handle any small fixes that you are able to perform yourself.
  7. First Aid Kit
    A first-aid kit may not come in handy after a serious accident, but scrapes or headaches as a result of DIY car repairs may need some medical attention.
  8. Hat, Gloves, and a Warm Blanket
    If you’re stranded, your fuel tank will only keep you warm for so long. When that gas runs out, make sure you have the items needed to stay warm.
  9. Food and Water
    Make sure you only pack non-perishable snacks that won’t go bad over time. Bottled water can become dangerous to drink after sitting in a hot car, so be sure to switch out your water every winter.
  10. Map
    Lastly, so many of us have become entirely reliant on GPS technology to get to our destinations—especially when traveling to new places. If you’re in a no-service area or your phone has died because you forgot to grab item #3 on this list, pack a back-up map or atlas (and make sure you know how to read it, unlike the majority of young adults!).