8 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Next Snow Day

December 26, 2018 | by BMI Staff

While we never wish for treacherous weather, there can be some perks to being snowed in for a day. Whether you get to work from home for the day or simply get the day off of work, we would like to offer some tips for making the most of your next snow day.  

  1. Keep a close eye on the weather.
    It’s easy to feel like you’re taking a mini-vacation, especially if your employer isn’t requiring you to work from home. Don’t disengage too much from reality, though, in case the weather takes a severe turn. Keep candles and water bottles on hand if you lose power, and make a plan for staying safe and warm.
  2. Practice some self-care.
    How long has it been since you really took some time to pamper yourself? Take a chance to do the things that relax and re-energize you.
  3. “Spring Clean”
    Instead of waiting until spring rolls around to break out the heavy-duty cleaning supplies, get a jump start on your housework with the free time you have. Don’t want to waste a whole snow day on chores? Consider tackling one room of the house with that spring-cleaning fervor, and use the rest of your time to accomplish something else on the list! After all, it is possible to end a day feeling both accomplished and relaxed.
  4. Catch up with a friend or family member.
    The busy schedules of adult life often make it difficult to carve out time for the important people in our lives. What feels like days can turn into weeks without speaking when we fall into the cycle of work-sleep-repeat. Call someone important to you just to chat, or plan to meet up with them on a future date you’re both free!
  5. Exercise.
    While the winter months are not as energizing and motivating for physical activity as the summer, consider using your rare time away from the office to work up a sweat. You can even create an easy-to-follow exercise plan to continue the habit through the rest of the week and beyond!
  6. Get organized.
    What part of your life do you just never seem to have time for? Is it matching all of your socks? Matching all of your plastic containers to their corresponding lids? Putting all of your household tools in that one place you always expect them to be? What about developing an actual system for your laundry instead of keeping it in designated piles only you know the labels for? Whatever secret mess you never have time to tackle, make it your goal to conquer it with this gift of extra time.
  7. Fill a donation box.
    When our days are packed with job after activity after responsibility, it’s easy to accrue a lot of stuff we don’t actually need. How long has it been since you wore those jeans from high school, or read that Western book your grandfather swore was an awesome Christmas gift? Take some time, today, to load up a donation box of all the stuff you never use. Can’t think of anything to donate? Here are some items we thought of for you: 

    • Clothes 
    • Books 
    • Cell phones 
    • Cars 
    • Furniture 
    • Glasses 
    • Kitchen appliances 
    • Tools
  8. Do a quick inventory of your current insurance coverage.
    It is more common than you may think to find holes in your insurance coverage (typically after an accident has occurred). Take the extra time you have, today, to call a BMI agent and discuss your coverage options. Our agents would love to educate you on any insurance topics you would like more information on, so feel free to ask them questions!