Why BMI Celebrates International Women’s Day (And Why You Should, Too!)

March 8, 2019 | by BMI Staff

Why We Celebrate 

A 2013 study of women in the insurance industry found that, while the majority of insurance employees are women, only 12.6 percent of those women hold leadership roles. While this was a disheartening report in 2013, the same study was completed four years later, finding that women in leadership roles had risen to 18.7 percent. 

In recognition of International Women’s Day, annually recognized on March 8, we want to highlight the strides that women have taken within the traditionally male dominant world of insurance. Additionally, we would like to honor the women who help BMI Company, Inc. run so smoothly. 

We are proud to have a nearly 50/50 split between male and female managers and team leaders here at BMI. The following women act as half of the leadership backbone, constantly taking on new responsibilities and regularly filling needs outside of their job descriptions as they arise.  

Adrienne Coffelt; Claims Manager 

Beverly Moore; Office Manager 

Bethany Sperandio; Auto Claims Manager 

Crystal Hemphill; Chief Marketing Officer

Denise Reavis; Chief Financial Officer 

JoAnn Halter; Accounts Manager 

Nicole Lear; Chief Underwriting Officer 

Tiffany Burns; Billings Department Supervisor 

In addition to our leaders, BMI is proud to have such an exceedingly capable and dedicated team of staff members. The following women go above and beyond each day to meet the needs of, and form meaningful relationships with, every agent and insured who calls them. 

Alicia Patrick; Risk Management Assistant 

Doris Schmidt; Endorsements 

Gabrielle Giger; Claims

Laura Stotts; Billing 

Lea Morgan; Underwriting 

Mara Ruckman; Underwriting 

Marianna Wilson; Underwriting Assistant 

MaryBeth Foos; Underwriting 

Misty Lane; Underwriting 

Samantha Birkenfeld; Digital Marketing Specialist 

Sherry Neal; Underwriting 

Stacey Blackwelder; Underwriting

Virginia Crum; Underwriting

Why You Should, Too 

Beginning more than 100 years ago, this day is used to celebrate the victories that women all over the world have fought and sacrificed to obtain. On this day in history…

The leader of Germany’s Women’s Office, Clara Zetkn, proposed the plan to celebrate International Women’s Day on a global scale, so that people all over the world would be able to celebrate the achievements of women together (1910).

Russian women began their “bread and peace” strike, protesting WW1 as well as advocating for gender equality. The strike ended when women in Russia were granted the right to vote (1917).

The United Nations began recognizing this day as a national holiday, eventually becoming the primary sponsor of the event (1975).

The need for a gender balance across several industries—not just insurance—is prevalent. We are so proud of the women who have helped build our company into what it is, today, and of the women all around the world who continually fight to balance the scales. Thank you to ALL the women and men who fight for gender parity within the workplace!