9 Overlooked Home Projects You’ll Want to Complete This Spring

April 29, 2019 | by BMI Staff

The sun is beginning to shine more frequently, which always seems to motivate us to go the extra step on our housework. The following list goes beyond spring cleaning, offering up several ways to improve your living space for the long term.  

  1. Clear Your Gutters
    When the seasons transition, fallen leaves and storm debris begin to clog gutters and downspouts. If measures aren’t taken to combat this clutter, water damage is likely to occur. Every spring and fall, clean out your home’s gutters to keep them in working order and to protect your roof from unnecessary damage. Take a look at these steps to get started. 
  2. Change Your HVAC Filter
    Properly cleaning and changing your HVAC filter in the easy spring and fall months will help the unit perform better in the more taxing summer and winter months. Follow the steps here to quickly get your HVAC system working efficiently again. 
  3. Clean Your Dryer Duct
    Is your dryer taking longer to do its job? Before replacing it, check the duct to make sure it isn’t overloaded with dryer lint. Not only will this improve the performance of the machine, but it will also reduce your risk of fire. Ducts should be checked and cleaned at least once a year—but it should be done more often if there are many household members. A family of four, for example, might check theirs around three times per year.  
  4. Organize Your Entryway Closet
    Your entryway sets the tone of your home for anyone who enters it. Take pride in the appearance of your home by tackling the closet. Wash your rain-collecting jackets and coats, vacuum the dirt and dust from loose shoes, and even hang a door organizer for easier access to your necessities.  
  5. Apply Weatherstripping to Your Windows
    Weatherstripping windows and doors will minimize the work your furnace and AC unit must perform. By applying permanent weatherstripping to commonly-opened doors and windows, you’ll feel a difference in your comfort level when lounging around your home. Your energy bill will thank you, too! 
  6. Clean and Complete Your Toolbox
    The best time to think about your toolbox is when you need something from it, but that is also the worst time to need something your toolbox can’t offer you. One very commonly overlooked project is taking the time to clean out and complete your toolbox for that moment you’ll really need it. 
  7. Clean Your Ceiling Fans
    Anyone who has stared at those mounds of dust on each blade knows the fear of cleaning a ceiling fan after neglecting the task for too long. You begin to glance up each day, dreaming up a game plan that won’t end in a gray, asthma-inducing snowfall. The good news is, there IS a way. Simply grab a pillowcase and surround the first blade with it, scooping the dust in one blade at a time. This will keep the particles from flying, and the next time you’re lying in bed or watching television, the propelling blades above you will be the least of your worries.
  8. Wash Your Pet’s Toys and Bedding
    Household projects and chores shouldn’t just benefit us humans. If your pet has been cooped up all winter long, odds are that their inside toys took a beating. Clear away the winter’s slobber and excess fur with a quick wash.  
  9. Rinse Your Outdoor Garbage Cans
    There are few smells more terrible than sizzling garbage on a hot, sunny day. Take advantage of the next nice day by grabbing the garden hose and spraying down your outdoor garbage cans. A mixture of vinegar and dish soap will help cut the lingering odors, and one thumb placed firmly over the spout will turn your garden hose into the pressure washer needed to clear away the mess