How to Fight Spring Allergies

April 9, 2019 | by BMI Staff

Spring is officially here! The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming. Unfortunately, one of the most welcomed seasons of the year happens to come with one of the least welcomed side effects: ALLERGIES. Whether or not you personally suffer from the negative effects of floating pollen and freshly-cut grass, you likely know somebody who does. Our three biggest hopes for our insureds are safety, happiness, and health. We have gathered the following tips from all corners of the internet, in addition to the life hacks that work for our team!  

Home Remedies 

  1. Apple cider vinegar
    Any list of home remedies that doesn’t include apple cider vinegar is probably incomplete. This restorative substance is a powerhouse for healing and health, so finding out that it can palliate allergy symptoms was no surprise! Simply add a teaspoon of ACV to a cup of hot water each morning, and feel the long-lasting relief throughout your day.  
  2. Work out
    Regular exercise will not only help your all-around health, but it will also improve your body’s response to allergens by promoting blood flow throughout your body. 
  3. Local honey
    Just as immunizations introduce small amounts of disease to your body to help it fight off the very thing you’re putting into it, local honey has been thought to help your body recognize the local habitat and train your body not to reject it. 
  4. Nasal Lavage
    Pouring saline into one nasal cavity and letting the solution rinse those hard-to-reach corners of your nose’s tiny passageways via neti pot will help reduce allergy symptoms and relieve sinus pressure. 
  5. Butterbur
    A clinical study centered on the effects of butterbur found the European herb to relieve symptoms of allergies without causing drowsiness. You’ll especially want to try out this herb to combat grass allergy symptoms. Find tablets of butterbur extract at supermarkets and online. 

Daily Habits 

In addition to home remedies, simple changes in daily habits will work to fight against symptoms of seasonal allergies. Use these tips in conjunction with the above remedies to breathe easier, this spring: 

Keep pollen off of your face and body. 

  1. Block pollen from your eyes with sunglasses when heading outdoors.  
  2. Use a filter mask when performing yard work and lawn care. 
  3. Wash your laundry with hot water to kill dust mites. 

Keep pollen out of your home. 

  1. Keep your windows closed at home. 
  2. Take off your shoes as soon as you get home. 
  3. Empty your vacuum outside to avoid air circulating and pulling those allergens back into the open. 

Take care of your body. 

  1. Don’t take up smoking, and quit if you already have. Cigarette smoke exacerbates symptoms of allergies. 
  2. Certain foods, such as peanuts, shellfish, and pineapple, commonly trigger allergic reactions. Cut these allergy-inducing foods from your diet, and see if there is any change in the way you feel. 
  3. Hydrate constantly. The more water you drink, the healthier you will be and the better you will feel.