How to Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day

August 24, 2020 | by BMI Staff

National Hunting and Fishing Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Saturday of September. Here in Missouri, we have plenty of opportunities to experience the great outdoors and even bring back spoils for our families to enjoy. This holiday began as a show of appreciation for the conservation efforts put forth by hunters and fishers, the very folks who were the early supporters of conservation. Hunting and fishing is more than a hobby for many Missourians; it is a way of life! If you are an avid hunter or fisher, you may already know how you’ll be spending this holiday, but we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to honor our early conservationists and get out and explore the great outdoors with these tips for celebrating this great holiday!

Tip #1: Hit the Road!

If you are an experienced hunter or fisher, make sure to mark this special day on your calendar for a trip into the great outdoors. Gather your friends, family, and all the gear you can carry. Teach your children the importance of conservation as you show them your most important tips for catching your prey. Take in all of the wonders of nature as you take part in this hunting excursion, and be thankful for all of the wildlife before you. 

Tip #2: Take a Class

Perfect your craft or learn a completely new one by investing in your conservation education. Take a class with your children or your friends to better your understanding of a technique you have always wanted to master. You can likely get as specific as you would like! The Missouri Department of Conservation offers a variety of courses for all ages, from bowhunting to wingshooting and everything in between.

Tip #3: Join in Conservation Efforts

Join a group with a similar hunting or fishing interest to your own that doubles as a conservation effort. Attend fundraisers for your cause and take part in educational events that spread awareness regarding the purpose of protecting wildlife. Here is a list of groups that operate through the work of volunteers right here in Missouri. If you are a parent, this is a great opportunity to teach your children about the environmental impact they have and how they can work to reduce their carbon footprint. In any case, getting involved in a conservation group will not only provide physical and mental stimulation for all ages, but it will also impact the world by making it a better place for us all! 

Regardless of how you choose to spend this holiday, we hope you get out and enjoy the great outdoors that Missouri has to offer!