How Do You Know If Your Roof Has Damage?

September 25, 2020 | by BMI Staff

As the seasons change, it is good to take periodic inventory of your home’s structural integrity. From indoor maintenance to outdoor repairs, the last thing a homeowner needs is to be caught with a leak during the cold, winter months. Before the cold settles in and snow begins to fall on your home, make sure you are aware of your roof’s condition. If you are a new homeowner or have never had to repair or replace your home’s roof before, you may be wondering what signs you need to watch out for. 

Loose, lifted, or patchy shingles

Make sure all of your shingles are laying flat against the surface of your roof to prevent moisture from leaking through to the interior. In addition, the rough granules on the surface of your shingles serve the purpose of repelling moisture. If there are bald patches on your roof where granules used to be, water will be more likely to seep through the shingles and into your home. You can either inspect your roof from ground level or by climbing up a ladder for a quick and more thorough inspection. If there are noticeably loose or patchy shingles, it is a good idea to call a roofing company to come out and perform a full assessment of the potential damage. 

It Recently Hailed

If your area has experienced hail at all, it is always good to check for damages on the exterior of your home. In the same way a vehicle is susceptible to hail damage, roofs also fall victim to the often large and rough-edged precipitation. If the spring and summer months brought with them hail of any size, consider having your roof inspected either by a professional or via a quick climb up your ladder. Just like with the loose or patchy shingles, if you notice any potential damage yourself, make sure to get it repaired prior to the upcoming winter storms. 

Water Stains on Your Ceiling

If there is discoloration or warping on your ceiling from water entering your home, this is a surefire sign that damage to the roof has occurred. When this happens, reparations should be made immediately in order to prevent mold and further weakening of your home’s structure. 

Debris on the Roof

If your area has received inclement weather that has resulted in fallen branches or otherwise misplaced debris to land on your roof, there is a strong chance that those unwelcome home additions caused damage to your roof in the process. Add debris to your roof checklist before the winter months hit.

The best thing you can do for your roof, not to mention your entire home, is to make sure it is properly and fully insured. Call your BMI agent today to go over your policy details, and don’t forget to ask about your roof coverage!