How to Safely Prep Your Home for Vacation

February 1, 2020 | by BMI Staff

Your flight is booked, bags are packed, and itinerary is set. The whole family is grinning with excitement of what’s to come on this next adventure. But before you begin your journey from home, protect yourself from potential vacation mayhem with these safety preparation tips.

Make your home appear lived-in while you’re away.

Before taking off for your extended vacation, make it the final item on your checklist to mow the grass and trim the bushes. If it is winter, thoroughly shovel away snow from the sidewalk and driveway. Unkempt lawns are a sign to burglars that nobody has been in the home for at least a couple of days. Performing these tasks prior to leaving for your vacation will throw off predators. The trick is to perform this task last, as you’ll want your lawn to remain manicured for as long as possible. Additionally, be sure to notify the post office of your vacation dates and have them hold your mail for you. A full mailbox is another indication of vacancy. 

Ask someone you trust to occasionally check on the house while you’re gone.

Burglars are quick to pick up on the trends that occur when a family goes on vacation. A lack of cars driving to and from home is one of those tell-tale signs that the property is temporarily vacant. Having a trusted friend or family member stop in to check on your home while you are away will provide occasional traffic in and out of your home—warding off criminals. Even though your trash bins will likely remain empty while you’re gone, consider having your house sitter move the trash bins once a week for added security. Making it apparent that someone is home will deter criminals from assuming your house is an easy target for theft.

Turn out all of the lights except for one.

We understand the importance of saving on the energy bill, especially when you are away from home. Before you leave for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you unplug appliances and turn off the lights. However, if you have the ability to leave one light on that is close to a front-facing window, it may deter criminals from feeling comfortable enough to break in. Consider taking this trick one step further by putting that light on a timer. That way it appears more active within your home while also saving on electricity during the off time.

Protect your home all year long.

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