Why You Should Always Go Through An Agency When Shopping For Insurance

February 19, 2019 | by BMI Staff

With the rise of technology and the ease of use provided by the internet, shopping online for insurance has risen in popularity. While the internet certainly provides convenience and ease of use, we want to discuss the unparalleled advantages of going through an independent agent for your insurance coverage.  

There is something empowering about having so much information right at your fingertips. In the midst of the technological era, the lure of face-to-face interaction has dissipated, leaving brick-and-mortar stores in its dust. The ease of clicking a button to receive insurance is persuading several buyers, especially within younger demographics, to abandon the traditional route of going through an agency for their coverage. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize what it is they are giving up when they take this modern route. Take a look at the following advantages of utilizing an agency to become insured.

Advantages of Using an Agency 

Read the following advantages of choosing to go through an independent agency for your insurance needs.

Real People 
There is nothing more frustrating than being forced to endlessly enter numbers into a phone when you are experiencing a problem. Going through an agency to purchase insurance means you’ll always get to speak to a real person when you are experiencing an emergency or simply have a question regarding your coverage.

Real Experience 
When shopping online, you’re in charge of the big decisions. You’ll choose your own coverage limits, and you’ll be expected to know how to schedule everything you own on your policy. Without comprehensive experience within the industry, it is very easy to leave yourself with unintentional gaps in coverage. This is where an agency would come in. An agent will take all the heavy lifting off of you when they make expert recommendations regarding the coverage you need. Between all of the inherent jargon and complex forms found in the industry, handing that burden off to someone else is a huge relief. Unlike more traditional sales roles, agents are only interested in providing you with the coverage you need and nothing more. This will ensure you aren’t over- or under-spending when protecting your valuables.

Real Choice 
When you think of the insurance companies out there, a small handful may come to mind, but did you know there are roughly 6,000 companies in the U.S., alone? When you go through an independent agency to find coverage tailored to your needs, they will compare several companies for you to find which one serves your needs the best. There is not one, sole insurance company out there that is right for every person or every circumstance, which is why purchasing insurance on your own can be so daunting. Between their experience in the field and the relationships they have with their carriers, independent insurance agents are able to pinpoint the best companies and the best policies for your needs.  

In the age of technology and fast-paced living, it may be very tempting to search the internet and sign up for an insurance policy with one simple click. We at BMI work with hundreds of highly qualified agents who are only a phone call away, and we promise the extra minute or two will be worth the dollars saved and the coverage provided on your BMI policy. Click the button, below, to connect with an agent, today.