Travel Safely This Holiday Season

December 1, 2019 | by BMI Staff

Aside from the cold weather that makes driving all the more difficult, holiday travel adds an extra layer of chaos and frenzy. Some of the best family vacations are road trips to cities near or far over the holidays. With the destination at the top of your mind, you may not be thinking about the long road in between. Take a look at these tips to keep you both sane and safe, this holiday season.

Prepare your vehicle beforehand.

Getting your car winter-ready is an important chore every time the weather turns cold, but if you haven’t taken the time yet to create a winter car survival kit, use your upcoming road trip as an excuse. In addition to the kit, give your car an overall checkup. Check the tire pressure, tire tread, fluid levels, and oil. If the check-engine light is on, make sure to take your car into a professional prior to the trip.

Map out the road trip before leaving your home.

In the age of GPS and unlimited data, it is easy to leave this detail until you’re pulling out of the driveway. However, the longer the trip is, the more likely it is that you will find yourself in patches of road without cell service. Plan your route out beforehand so that you aren’t stuck in an unfamiliar place with your whole family asking, “Are we there yet?”

Create a driving schedule.

Once your trip is all mapped out, do some research on fun stops to make along the way. Plan to stretch your legs frequently (especially when traveling with children, as they will likely request multiple bathroom breaks!). Make these stops fun and memorable by breaking to find some road trip souvenirs, play at a park, or sight see at some holiday pop-up attractions.

Bring extra chargers.

The last thing you want is to be left without entertainment for your kids or, in the worst case scenario, a digital map to your destination. Remember to pack your car with extra chargers for all of your devices, along with the appropriate vehicle adapters.

Make a road trip kit for kids.

Keep your kiddos entertained and less fidgety by equipping them with their favorite activities. Bring coloring books, headphones, and travel-sized card games. Make sure all of the kits are the same to minimize the chance of a fight breaking out. 

Plan a sound track of family favorites or holiday tunes.

In addition to keeping your passengers entertained with all of their favorite songs already queued up, music will help your driver stay awake.

Don’t forget the snacks!

Whether you pack fruits and veggies or holiday treats, the munch will be welcomed by all in the car. Keeping a good mix of road trip snacks in the car could also help reduce the time spent on the road and the cost of eating out on the way.