Winter Bucket List

October 26, 2020 | by BMI Staff

If you are excited for the relief from summer heat and all of the cozy activities that come along with the cooler temperatures of winter, we have just the thing you need to make sure you get the absolute most out of this season! With 2020 being so full of tribulation and nationwide lockdowns, the last thing any of us need to further our feelings of isolation, this winter. As the temperature drops and the days grow shorter, some of us may begin experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, symptoms of which include fatigue and mood swings due to the dark and cool weather that accompanies fall, winter, and early spring. We have compiled a list of fun activities that will not only keep you busy this season, but also maintain your connection with loved ones you may be quarantined with or can safely social distance from while performing them. 

Go Ice Skating

Is there a more picturesque representation of the winter season than getting all bundled up to glide around over ice? Whether it is a date night, an experience to teach your children, or a socially-distance girl’s night out, this activity is fun for all ages. This may be one of the few activities when you wish you could always wear a mask (brrr!). See when your local ice park offers deals and times for skating, and don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Build With Snow

Whether you are in the mood to tackle the construction project that is igloo-building or simply want to make memories with a friendly neighborhood snowman, don’t forget to take some time out of your busy holiday schedule to play in the snow! Here in Missouri, snow days can be hit or miss. We may receive a lot of them or just a few, so don’t waste any time. The first sign of sticking snow, make sure to bundle up and invite your friends and family to make memories in the front yard with decorations the whole neighborhood can enjoy! 

Go Sledding

Hit the hills, this winter, and enjoy the thrill that only comes with a snowy winterscape!

Bake Christmas Candy

Don your most colorful apron, get flour everywhere, and bake some one-of-a-kind cookies with all of the tasty fixings! New to your neighborhood? Make sure to prepare extras to hand out to all of your new neighbors.

Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

Queue up the classics and prepare some homemade hot apple cider for a night to remember! Turn your living room into one big bed with a pillow fort or a blanket pallet the whole family can relax in.

Look at Lights

This might be the biggest hallmark activity of the holiday season. Make sure to carve out some time for your family or friends to take a nice cozy drive through town and admire all of the hard work your community members put into hanging Christmas lights and other lawn decorations. Make the experience even more sensory by jamming out to your favorite Christmas album and sipping piping hot cocoa on your drive!

We hope you have the most spectacular winter season, full of love and warmth. And remember, should you incur any winter-weather damage or black ice on the roads, your BMI agent is just a phone call away!