Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts

October 26, 2020 | by BMI Staff

It is almost that time of year again! Time for gathering together with family and enjoying the biggest feast of the season. We want to ensure that you not only enjoy this holiday with your loved ones, but also that you do so safely. Take a look at our list of Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts to help lower your risk, this holiday!

Thanksgiving Do’s

Here are our recommendations for what to do on Thanksgiving Day:

DO Practice Food Safety While Cooking.
When preparing your Thanksgiving dinner, make sure to watch your temperature levels and thaw the turkey properly before cooking. It should reach a minimum of 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to handle undercooked or raw food safely by avoiding cross contamination with other ingredients and washing hands frequently in between handling.

DO Supervise Children.
If there will be children in attendance at your holiday festivities, chances are they will find themselves in the kitchen intermittently. Through the hustle and bustle of meal preparation, make sure to also keep your eye on the kiddos wander in. Accidents can happen far too quickly when a child is able to reach sharp knives or hot pots and pans.

DO Celebrate Responsibly.
Everything is better in moderation, including the huge spread of food that is Thanksgiving dinner. Overeating may lead to more serious health problems or stomach problems for those with diabetes and other chronic conditions. In addition to eating responsibly, remember to play responsibly as well. With all of the traffic out on the roads, especially in residential areas as families travel into and out of home for their celebrations (potentially running late and in a hurry), make sure to monitor playing children at all times and to warn them about the danger of cars. 

Thanksgiving Don’ts

The following activities can make for a dangerous celebration, so we recommend avoiding them.

DON’T Feed Pets Turkey Bones.
Like other bird bones, these bones are hollow and have a much higher chance of splintering. Bone splinters can puncture your pet’s esophagus and internal organs. Fatty table foods are also a health hazard, as they may cause pancreatitis in your pet. This holiday may seem like a special occasion wherein pets should enjoy a more extravagant meal. If that is the case in your family, just make sure to choose a luxury food item from the pet food aisle!

DON’T Stress Out.
While this may seem easier said than done in the moment, you can do a lot for your future self by planning your festivities out in a way that takes the pressure off the day of. Get plenty of rest before guests arrive, and take breaks throughout the day to visit with family and relax. Make sure to stay hydrated while tending to everyone else; it is easy to get so lost in hosting a large crowd that the basic need of water is overlooked. Prepare as much as you can in advance, so that the day of is more about reheating than cooking every dish from scratch. Put your guests to work by assigning side dishes and pies among those in attendance. They will likely be happy to pitch in.

DON’T Forget to Check Your Insurance Policy.
Before inviting a large crowd to your home on the day with the highest rate of kitchen fires each year, make sure your insurance policy is ready to cover anything that may come your way. Be sure to also ask your agent what all is included in your liability insurance. Your guests are protected, up to a set limit, should they become injured on your property. Call your agent today to discuss your options in case of emergency.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy and laughter!