Cold & Flu Remedies

Septemeber 25, 2020 | by BMI Staff

With the coldest months of the year just around the corner, the last thing any of us wants is to be caught in the lurch of a seasonal cold or flu with no way out. In addition to the safety of your assets, we are always concerned for the health and happiness of our outstanding customers; this is why we have compiled the ultimate list of cold and flu remedies to take your mind off of your runny noses and body aches, this winter season.

Hydration is Key

If you have an upset stomach, usually the last thing you’ll want to do is add more to it. Staying hydrated, though, will keep a simple bug from turning into a serious case of dehydration. Fight off the flu with some warm broth and warm lemon water with honey. Higher temperature liquids, in addition to keeping you hydrated, will also aid in breaking up congestion and soothing a sore throat. Maintaining adequate hydration helps our bodies to fight off unwanted germs, so even if you are not feeling cold or flu symptoms, always make sure to drink lots of water. Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, and soda, as these beverages will further dehydration rather than combat it.

Moisten the Air

If you are completely unable to keep food and drinks down, and even if you aren’t, consider hydrating the air around you with a humidifier. In addition to hydrating you through skin contact, humidifiers also aid in breaking up congestion and maintaining sleep. 

Nasal Lavage

Also known as a Neti-Pot, this treatment can be relieving for those just hoping to breathe through their noses after being congested. This saline-water solution is poured into one nostril over a sink, and the solution drains through both nasal cavities, washing out congestion along the way. The saline mixed with the purified water prevents the burning sensation commonly associated with water in one’s nose. While the results are not permanent, the practice can definitely result in some much-needed, temporary relief. 

Vitamin C Tablets

If you feel a cold coming on and can get your hands on some Vitamin C before the symptoms become too severe, studies have shown that the effects include a shorter cold duration and muted symptoms. This is a great resource to have on hand for those days when you wake up with a sore throat or runny nose and are not sure whether it will progress into something worse. Simply mix them into water and you’ve got an orange, fizzy drink!


This one is especially important for those with a cold or flu, but it applies to everyone, especially as the seasons are changing. Sleep boosts the body’s immune system and makes us more equipped to fight illness from entering our bodies in the first place. Much like staying hydrated helps our bodies naturally wash out germs, sleep helps protect us from those pesky seasonal colds, as well.

We hope you have a very safe and healthy fall and winter. Use these tips to keep yourself and your loved ones free of illness so you can enjoy the best of what these cozy seasons have to offer!